Generation Y

Gen·er·a·tion Y


1 the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, comprising primarily the children of the baby boomers and typically perceived as increasingly familiar with digital and electronic technology.

As a mom raising millenials, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on Generation Y. My sons are 26 & 23. They’ve grown up their whole lives with technology. As a senior in high school, I was playing The Oregon Trail in computer class. Generation X. That’s me. So there is definitely a gap in relating to millenials, as there probably has been in every generation to the next.

There’s no need to get into the stereotypes that some people think of when it comes to millenials. Frankly, some of those assumptions and accusations are true. I can vouch for that. But what I really want to talk about it how they going to change the world.

These young adults come from so many different backgrounds, classes, races, genders, sexualities, and religions. As the generations before them but they have somehow united together as a whole, and are fighting for not only their rights, but the rights of others. Because it’s right. This is a generation where a kid who grew up privileged, isn’t afraid to speak up and out for the rights of others less fortunate so they may have the same opportunity as the next person. “Talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not.”

No matter your stance on guns, school shootings or why they happen- these kids and young adults are fucking.fed.up. They want…no, they are demanding, the civil rights and liberties that were promised to them. They’re strong, intelligent, thoughtful and they’re not asking for your permission.

We live in an era that a school shooting is headline news for a couple of days and then it’s gone. Gone from the tv and gone from your mind. If these students weren’t protesting, most of you would’ve forgotten about the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting a month ago. Myself included.

I see news reports, opinion articles and just a general observation of people wanting these kids to shut up. I believe one news anchor said these protestors weren’t citizens and the best reply I heard was from Trevor Noah~ ““Wow, now American kids aren’t even citizens?” Noah asked. “Get the fuck out of here man. If kids are old enough to be shot, they’re old enough to have an opinion about being shot.”

Neo-Nazis marched the in streets of America, carrying (tiki)torches, chanting ‘Blood and Soil’ (which was a nazi slogan), telling Jews to ‘go home’ and of course, plenty of racial slurs towards black people. Disgusting, vile things. Yet, people barely batted an eye and didn’t want to get involved, couldn’t get far enough away from it but didn’t really speak out against the Nazis parading in their streets. But these young people stand up for themselves and everyone is losing their minds. Telling them they shouldn’t “be bullies”, as if in some way, suggesting they deserve to be shot. No. Stop it. Comparing gun rights to abortion laws. Seriously? What in the actual fuck?

We have been tricked into thinking that we only have two choices. For everything. Black or white? Guns or no guns? Police officers or mayhem. Everyone is too afraid to make the wrong choice for fear of backlash, that they often just continue to sway to the cadence of complacency. Come on people, think! Be purposeful in your thoughts about the issues going on around you. You can respect police officers and still not be ok with police brutality. You are not limited to one or the other. Because we have been led into the slaughterhouse of thinking, we are trying to force the next generation to do the same. They’re not having it.

I’m not here to debate guns versus no guns. I carry a gun. I have for about 8 years. It’s personal protection and I feel safer with it. That’s my personal choice. But in no way does that or should that convey that I’m ok with gun violence. And no one will make me feel that way. I’m here to say- back off and let these kids have a voice, listen to them and support them. Teach them. They are trying to make a better way for all of us, more importantly, for the generation after them. My grandchildren. Yes, they are young and may not understand all the ways of the world yet but that’s where we, as older adults, can help them by sharing our experience and wisdom- that only comes with age.

Generation Y, the millenials, are the smartest people we’ve ever had on the planet. They will not only take the world to new places technology, they will redefine what it is it be more human. They have taken my generation’s “tolerance” policy and turned it into acceptance. They have had it and have made it very clear that they are the new and future voters. We’ve all been waiting on a change, with every president in every election. I believe this generation will be the change we’ve all been looking for.

Thanks for reading,


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