Fish or cut bait

So many times in life we find ourselves “hanging in there”-waiting. Waiting for the relationships we’ve invested in to turn around. And by relationship, I mean anyone or anything you’ve given a part of yourself to.

In today’s world, everything is instant and immediate. Gratification, sadness, knowledge, and any other feeling you’re looking for. But it’s all surface. Rarely deep or connecting. We all have a million “friends” or “followers”, but the real friends, family, church, or career we’ve cultivated over the years- those are the things that matter. But at what point do you decide to fish or cut bait with these relationships?

Some of you may be thinking “what the hell does that mean?”. Fish or cut bait. It means to keep investing your time (fishing) or let it go (cut the bait off the line). Hanging in there, for me, is much easier than letting go. Once you cut bait, that’s it. It’s done. Of course there are times when it’s not so absolute, but how many times have you ever cut bait with a relationship that you loved and it ever returned back to the way it was?

I find that the older I get, that it’s becoming easier to let go. I’m not sure if it’s because- things I’ve held on to for so long are waning or if I’ve learned how to discern relationships quicker? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Most things are easily decided but the things that matter-REALLY MATTER, take internal fortitude.

Why? Because there will be consequences with either choice. Either choice leaves you open to regret, which we all know, is the fucking worst. For example, there’s a relationship I have right now that wasn’t good from the beginning but over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to cultivate it. The reception has always been luke warm and interactions seem forced. Why am I trying to nurture this relationship? Out of love & understanding. And right now, I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but it’s too soon to cut bait. It’s a relationship that I want to work, just not at the expense of losing a more important relationship that links us together. I’ve been on the fence but I’ve decided to give it my best, cast my line and fish.

I guess that’s why I think hanging in there is easier. For me, personally, I’ve always been the one to hold onto a relationship- even well past it’s shelf life. I’ve only ever “left” a few relationships, most of the time the relationships leave me and all that’s left are bones. So, when I do make a definite decision and the time comes for me to move on, I usually have no regret.

What relationships do you have that the time has come to fish or cut bait? Sometimes we all need a little push to move forward. The first step for me was letting go of relationships that I felt indifferent about. You know, the ones you put off even though you have good intentions, but they just aren’t a priority. The relationships that quite frankly, aren’t worth it. You may feel like a jerk at first but once the weight of “I need to get to that” is gone- it’s freeing. I don’t mean to sound as if it’s easy peasy to cut bait, it’s more of an act of- living on purpose.

I challenge you to take that first step in letting go of one relationship that you feel indifferent about. It can be anyone or anything that’s taking up space in your head where there’s no longer room. Give yourself permission to simplify your life.

Email me some feedback on who or what you let go of and we’ll breath a sigh of relief together *woosah*

Thanks for reading,


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