But why the name?

When I first told a few people about starting a blog & what I’d call it, the initial reaction was “That’s awesome!” “Good for you!” “You’re so brave!”, followed then by a few different forms of “But why the name?”. When I first started kicking around the idea of taking the leap into writing in the blogosphere, I was trying to organize my thoughts & jotting down story ideas in my phone. I kept going back and forth on what topic I’d write about. I came to realize that I just wanted to write about the people and things around me. Nothing in particular, just life. Sometimes in life I have big news, sometimes I have a snippet & most recently a couple of close people in my life who have passed within the last year.

I can remember writing since I was little. Poems, songs, stories~ whatever I was thinking at the time. We’ve all had the question presented to us: “If you could be or do anything you wanted, what would it be?”, mine was always a writer. So when I decided to start a blog, I decided I would do it my way, write what I wanted and push the fear of being judged out of my mind. Whether anyone read it or not, I still gave fear the finger and put myself out there. So, I can’t explain how proud of myself I was when I woke up this morning knowing that I had published a story on a blog and people actually enjoyed it. Not just my freaking awesome family & friends but people I didn’t even know! Now listen, I’m obviously not a professional writer & let me save you the suspense: everything I write isn’t gonna be a gem. I’ll write about things you couldn’t careless about or you may find meh…BUT- I accomplished something I’ve always wanted to do. As small as it is and it only cost me $48 to have my blog – I did it. If I never published another story on here, I would still feel that I accomplished something that I’ve always wanted to do. When I’m nearing the end of my life, I won’t look back and say “Damn, I wish I had written something for someone.”

So, now I pose the question to you- what is one thing, just ONE thing that you want to do that you’re afraid to do? Is it attainable? If the answer is yes, then what do you need to do to accomplish it? If it feels unattainable, what’s the first step you can take to get a piece of it? Maybe someone around you can help or encourage you. I probably wouldn’t have tried this had my sister and husband not encouraged me. Leave a comment or email me in the contact page and maybe I can be your encourager.

So why the name? Because I said so. (Total fucking mom move)


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