What have I done?!

Im sitting here searching for the right words to describe why I decided to blog…I guess partly because I hate Facebook. Social media, really. Everyone has an opinion but nothing to say. I want to share the stories of life around me. I felt that if I posted those things on Facebook it would scream “Look at me!” And that’s so far from who I am. I love to write-but full disclosure: there will be grammatical errors, run-on sentences & probably some cursing. This just an account of my daily life, in my own words.

Im not sure how often I’ll post a story. Maybe once a week? Once a month? I guess we’ll see how it goes! I look forward to sharing a little bit of life with you & I hope you enjoy reading it!

Theres a contact button on the page if you’d like to email me about a topic or a story you think would be interesting to know more about. Or if you would like to share a little bit of your life with me, that would be great!


2 thoughts on “What have I done?!

  1. Great to see that you had the courage to take the leap! I’ve been overthinking my blog launch. Hopefully I will get it done this week! I could relate to the FB comment screaming “look at me!”- keep up the writing, you never know how many others you may inspire. 🙂

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    1. You are so sweet! That made my day! My advice is: don’t overthink it. Just be yourself and write. I look at Facebook as people just waiting to judge and you have to censor yourself. A blog- well people will read it or they won’t, but it’ll be your authentic self! What’s better than that? Good luck and I’ll be sure to follow you😊


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